Where To Buy Claripro

When I first was told about Claripro as a possible solution to my nail fungus problem I asked the pharmacist at my corner drug store about it. Apparently, they didn’t stock it and it was only available online.

You order Claripro directly from the companies website. It is a dual barreled solution to the nail fungus remedy. There is a proprietary solution of natural oils that you apply directly to your toe, and an oral spray that helps fight the bacteria from inside your system. This dual prong approach seems to help prevent the bacteria from reoccurring.

Pacific Naturals (located in the USA) manufactures and sells the product. They are the only retail source for this product. You might see it on auction or other online stores, but that only means someone has bought it and is reselling it. Or worse, they’ve counterfeited it. By it from the manufacturer so you can be sure you’re getting the real thing.
(And they offer a Money Back Guarantee)

You can read all the details on their website  …. click here