Ugly Yellow Toenails

Found this on a forum and thought I’d share it on my blog


“so i got a manicure about two weeks ago and got purple nail polish put on and then i went for another manicure last week and when the lady took my nail polish off my nails were yellow? i dont smoke or anything and i heard sometimes this happens bc of the color of the polish but does anyone know how long itll take for the yellow to go away?? it looks so gross”

Comment #1) It’s completely the color and because she didn’t use a base coat. Yeah it seems like an extra hassle, but it’s a must for those rich colors. It’ll only take a couple days for the color to come off on it’s own, but don’t use the remover constantly, it’ll weaken your nails … regardless of what the label says about it’s moisturizing capabilities …

From now on make sure they always use a base coat for the super intense colors, I simply use the clear coat as my base as well. During those times you don’t want color you should always have some sort of clear coat on them, it’ll help them stay strong.

Hope this helps

Comment #2)  just paint another colour on top :) (nail polish from anywhere such as cvs)

Comment #3)  try nail polish remover….like every morning and night…..and try to file them…maybe your take off the yellow layer off….

Comment #4)  sorry can’ help much…


Yep, I wouldn’t go back there either!