Nail Fungus

From an online health forum (I love this!)

“ok ihave a bet with my friend she got a small nail fungus on her toe from a pedicure place we think, we saw an ad for lamasil on tv, it says the nail falls off. I say only the infected nail falls off she says the doctor told her all of the nails will fall off, i dont believe him. do u have any experience with it?”

Comment #1) believe it or not, vicks vapo-rub works!! it was in time magazine a few months ago and someone i know tried it on her toenail  you just put it underneath the nail- you can try to scrape out some fungus if you want before u apply the rug.

good luck

Comment #2) Stay away from Lamasil. lamasil didn’t work for my friend. She was very disappointed. And, its expensive too!


Comment #3) (me) Give Claripro a try!

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Do you think that many people on Y-Answers will have more knowledge and more credibility on this matter than the Doctor?
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