Nail Fungus Treatments

There are many options for treating nail fungus. Onychomycosis is very unattractive and can be very uncomfortable. The options for treatment run from simple home remedies, to surgery and many thing in between.

The best solution for your nail fungus situation might depend on the severity and length of your infection.

The simplest solutions include a few simple home remedies. Bathing you toes in Listerine or vinegar have been reported to help many people who are suffering from the early, mild cases of this problem.

On the most severe occasions a doctor will perform surgery to remove the nail and nail root. Then prescription drugs are used to eliminate any residual bacteria in your system.

In the middle their are many cremes and sprays that combat the problem. Penlac ™ is a well know brush on treatment. Claripro is a two step process that combines an oral spray and a topical solution you apply directly to your nail.
Claripro did the trick for me. Here’s a link to the manufacturers site