My Ugly Toenails

C’mon, toenails aren’t exactly the most alluring feature on a person. That being said, really ugly toenails cause a repulsive nature to most people.

If, like me, your nails are getting thicker, turning yellow, shedding and splitting and starting to get red, pusy and infected around the skin edges, you’ve probably got nail fungus.

There are a few other things that can cause this (a little known condition called yellow toe, the result of diabetes, etc.,) but the most common is nail fungus.

Itching, a thickening of the nail, and the infection filled inflammation around the toe can become chronic and debilitating.

If you have ugly nails the good news is that there are many ways to fix your problem. Take it from my experience, don’t put off treatment. This nail fungus tends to get worse and worse, it doesn’t usually just disappear naturally. Do something about it before it gets to the point where you might need surgery to repair it.

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