Listerine or Claripro to treat Onychomycosis?

When I was searching for a cure for my UGLY yellow toenails I came across a home remedy that I thought I’d try. You put your infected toes into a bowl of Listerine! I just filled a small kids basin I had and soaked my feet about 10 minutes per day for a week.

It was certainly cheaper than a few months of some other  treatments I tried later.

The Listerine worked a little bit. My toenails definitely improved and I thought I might have found my solution. After about 5 days my fungus stopped diminishing. I had a very bad case (really ugly yellow toenails) so I don’t know if a few days might work for someone who has a very mild case of this
bacteria fungus.

I also tried a vinegar soak and some other brand name remedies. (One was VERY expensive)

A friend told me to try Claripro, so I did. For me, Claripro was the only thing that has worked, and kept my problem from returning.

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