Is It A Scam

Before I decided to purchase Claripro I searched the internet and found that a few people where commenting that Claripro was a scam. No, they were SCREAMING it was a scam!

The interesting thing is that none of these comments were directed at the product. Hmmmmmm

The first comment was that someone tried Claripro and didn’t get the results they wanted. They returned the product and asked for their money back guarantee. Apparently, if you read the details, Claripro will refund anyone’s purchases but they make the customer pay return shipping. The person who was slamming Claripro on this forum had sent back the containers of Claripro completely empty and was miffed that they had to pay the return shipping. They got their money back, but wanted the company to pay for the return shipping?

There is a customer service email and a customer support phone line and yet another forum commenter said that they tried to return the product for a refund but couldn’t get in touch with the company. So, before I purchased I called the customer support number and someone answered the phone on the 4th ring.

That made me feel better. From my results, I haven’t found Claripro to be a scam. It’s worked very well for me.

And lastly, most of the people screaming about this Claripro scam spend a few paragraphs bashing the product and finish their “review” by recommending another product. Seems like a slimey way to promote and market a competitors product. But that’s just me!

Bottom line: the only way you’ll know whether it works or not is for YOU to try it! If it works, great.

If not, ask for your money back!